HuntonBrady Architects was established in 1947 in Orlando, Florida, by Robert Murphy, a Harvard-educated modern architect from Charleston, South Carolina. His integrity and talent were embraced by subsequent partners who joined the firm. Bob built a strong modern architectural foundation based on the International Style of modernism as taught by his Harvard professor, famed architect Walter Gropius. The firm has grown along with Central Florida. As markets changed through the decades, so did our core business. HuntonBrady Architects designed a bevy of banks in the 1970s, followed by the boom of commercial office space in the 1980. Later, the state of Florida’s increasing support for higher education led to our design of dozens of colleges and universities. In the late 1990s we embarked on a healthcare design journey which has produced our most significant body of work. We are a firm defined by our city, and now our buildings help define it.

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